Our Services

We specialize in recovery in the following markets:

  • Small, Medium, and Large Businesses
  • Credit Card Companies
  • Professional Services
  • Manufacturing & Wholesalers
  • Oil Companies
  • Telecommunications
  • Insurance Brokers
  • Media & Publishing
  • Construction, Industrial
  • Landscaping

Our desire is to make contact right away and prioritize every single account you’ve entrust to us. The norm with most agencies is to show preferential treatment to clients that place accounts in bulks. Our commitment is to make every single account significant regardless of the balance size or age of the account. In addition, we are willing to make our efforts visible to you at any time. In both the retail and commercial arena, we pride ourselves on working within the guidelines of both federal and state laws. All communication will be extremely tactful and result oriented. Our negotiations do not lean towards the path of least resistance, which is to settle. We have found that even if it takes some time, most customers are willing to pay what they owe.  

Commercial and Business Recovery

Will’s Financial specializes in collecting debt from LLCs, corporations, sole proprietorships and personal guarantors. We have found over the years that it’s always in the best interest of a company who is owed by a customer to begin working with them immediately. A continual demand to be paid in full right away makes you last priority in some cases. A struggling business will choose to stop paying a vendor that is not the bare essential to them keeping the doors open. We will make sure that we help get the customers back on track by negotiating to keep you receiving some form of payment. A business that is making payments to you is more likely to pay you off at some point because you worked with them while still showing them that you are not letting the obligation go. Keep in mind that business owners are often sophisticated enough to know the ramifications of owing a legitimate debt, what their rights are as well as your rights. Our goal is to handle your customer in way that leaves the door open for you to continue doing business with them, if you choose to. Contracts, lease agreements, vendor credits, and civil and commercial litigation will be address in a fashion that stay professional but assertive enough to start recovering the money you are owed right away.

Legal Forwarding

Litigation is a successful avenue that is available to you. Our goal is to try and avoid this process because it does require a retainer fee upfront along with charges for additional filing when necessary. We can retain an attorney in any state for our clients and communicate with the attorney to keep you updated on this process. Many of your customers will pay to avoid this at all cost.  Public records reflecting that a business was forced to pay a bill through legal means will make it difficult for them to get loans or credit in the future. We will do all that we can to negotiate on your behalf to prevent this avenue and only use this method when necessary.