The Choice that make sense


100% Transparency

Our software keeps you in the drivers seat at all times.  Most agencies will subject themselves to an audit with notification.  Our software allows you a portal into all of your accounts at any time.  All calls are recorded and accessible to you.  This includes letters and emails.

No Cost

Most attorneys work with a upfront fee then an hourly charge.  You pay us nothing until you get results.  Our fee is deducted from the amount we collect.  In most states contractually, you can add a collection cost.  In this case, you pay almost nothing in retaining us. 

30 Day Results

We know how important it is to your cashflow to be paid in a timely fashion.  You get that with us.  Day one, you are guaranteed activity on your account or we will reduce our collection fee in 1/2. Guaranteed !!!

Save Money and Time

On average your company can spend up to 40% of its time on tasks that generate no income.  Also hiring one employee can take 3 months, and thousands of dollars.  Between recrutiers, healthcare, 401k and other benefits,  the savings with retaining us keeps your time and money on the reason you are in business.